Shaving Brush with Beard Soap Bowl (2-piece Beard Washing Kit)

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Shaving Brush with Beard Soap | Mountain Beards
Beard Washing Kit | Mountain Beards


Ready to treat yourself to a barbershop shave at home? Use our durable Shaving Brush with Beard Soap Bowl to get a close shave every time.

This two-piece beard washing kit includes:

  • One wet shaving brush
  • One metal shaving bowl

For as long as we remember, skilled barbers have been grooming their clients’ facial hair with a wet shave brush and bowl. Add some refinement and efficiency to your shaving routine with this elegant set.

To use this set properly, pair the shaving brush with beard soap - your favorite soap or cream is ideal. First, wet the brush with warm water. Be sure to soak it through so that the bristles can hold the water. A true wet shave hinges on your brush!

Then, whip your favorite soap or cream into a lather using the shaving brush and bowl together. Distribute the lather evenly along your face making sure to use circular motions. This application helps to gently exfoliate the skin under your facial hair while lifting the hair for a close shave. It will also stimulate the follicles to aid in reducing bumps and burns.

Made of durable, long-lasting materials, this set can be used every day, or for your weekly or monthly shape ups. To maintain your set, be sure to wash the shaving brush and beard soap bowl with warm water after use.


If you are in the market for a beard washing kit, this brush and bowl is a great set to use for that. It also makes an excellent gift for the bearded men in your life. Buy this shaving set today!

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