Portable Electric Hair Clipper / Electric Beard Trimmer

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Portable Electric Hair Clipper / Electric Beard Trimmer
Portable Electric Hair Clipper / Electric Beard Trimmer


Simplify your grooming routine with our portable electric hair clipper. Designed to trim any hair type, this handy tool comes with two length guards to give you a quick touch up no matter where you are.

Its compact size ensures you can take it anywhere easily! This makes it ideal for travel grooming kits or for those with minimal storage space. Measuring 1 x 1 x 8 inches, this product is approximately the same size as a toothbrush.

This battery-operated product includes three items:

  • One electric hair clipper
  • Two plastic length guards

If you are in the market for an electric beard trimmer or a simple moustache cutting machine, this product is a perfect fit. Thanks to its small size, our electric hair clipper can easily maneuver around your facial hair.

You can use this electric hair trimmer to clean up edges or for a full trim. Thanks to the two length guards, these electric hair clippers allow for a number of styling options.

Make the best use of this electric hair trimmer by trimming the hair with the grain in a downward motion. When using the length guards, you can use the clippers similarly to a comb without having to worry about mistakenly trimming too much hair.

Are you shopping for a great gift? The well-groomed man in your life will love this helpful, easy-to-use product. This portable electric clipper tool is something every man can use. Buy yours today!

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