Precision Beard Shaping Template / Double Sided Beard Comb

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Beard Shaping Template | Mountain Beards
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Our Precision Beard Shaping Template is a double sided beard comb that offers you simplicity and ease-of-use when shaping your beard.

Made to assist your shave, this shaving template allows you to achieve perfect symmetry and takes away the hassle of guessing while you groom. Use the double sided beard comb with a trimmer or a razor to easily attain the shape and edge you desire.

Unlike mini versions of this product, our beard shaping template is full size and ensures you can trim along the template’s edge reducing room for error and resulting in a perfect line. Made of durable plastic material, this tool will get you through countless shaves.

Skip costly trips to the barber when you add this tool to your shaving kit. Best of all, this tool can be used for more than just beards. Use it to shape your:

  • Moustache
  • Goatee
  • Sideburns
  • Neckline

Its multifunctional use means this beard template will become one of your most valuable grooming tools.

How to use our beard template for shaving:

  • Hold the template along the edge of the facial hair you want to trim.
  • Align the curved edges as desired to achieve the right line for your look. This can be used to create a curve cut, step cuts and more.
  • Firmly hold the beard trimming template as you trim the visible hair with a razor or electric trimmer.

To clean your beard template after use, run it under cold water to remove any excess shaving cream or trimmed hair.

Buy this convenient shaving template for yourself or as a gift today!

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