Premium Badger Wet Shave Brush (100% Natural)

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Premium Badger Wet Shave Brush by ZY Shaving | Mountain Beards
Badger Shave Brush (All Natural) | Mountain Beards
Wet Shaving Brush by ZY Shaving | Mountain Beards
Best Badger Shaving Brush for Beginner | Mountain Beards
Best Badger Wet Shave Brush | Mountain Beards


Our Premium Badger Wet Shave Brush by ZY Shaving is made with the finest materials. Enjoy the indulgent, buttery feel of 100% authentic badger hair as you apply your choice of shaving creams.

This beautiful badger shave brush features a dark wood grain with shiny metal alloy handle for the most comfortable grip and an added touch of masculine luxury.

Specifically used to maximize lather and help hair stand up for the closest shave, this wet shaving brush is a staple for any wet shaving kit! This brush is designed to hold warm water to ensure a rich lather, which also helps soften hair to extend blade life. Not all wet shaving brushes are alike, and this one ensures a true wet shave.

Did you know that badger brush hair is a wonderful mild exfoliator, and can help eliminate one extra step of skin prep during your pre-shave routine? Ours is also the best badger shaving brush for beginners!

Between its carefully curated design and plush packaging, this badger wet shave brush is easily one of the best additions to any shaving routine for young or mature men. Make the most of your time shaving when you use this ultra smooth, no-mess brush. Or make someone’s day with the ultimate shaving gift.

Need it for daily full face or only weekly edging? Your wet shaving brush will accommodate any need, and this is a well-made, sturdy product perfect for all facial grooming!

Looking for a new wet shave brush for the meticulously groomed man in your life? Purchase our badger shave brush confidently and include in their shaving kit. Save them from expensive trips to barber without sacrificing the luxe experience of a close shave.

This wet shaving brush is made to work with all types of razors. It is recommended to use with warm or hot water.

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