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All Natural Beard Oil with Beard Catcher and Wooden Brush (3-Piece Set)

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All Natural Beard Oil with Beard Catcher and Wooden Brush (3-Piece Set)
All Natural Beard Oil with Beard Catcher and Wooden Brush (3-Piece Set)


This 3-piece set includes:

  • All Natural Beard Oil
  • Wooden Brush
  • Beard Catcher

Our All Natural Beard Oil comes in a three-piece set with a convenient Beard Catcher device and stylish Wooden Brush.

A 100% organic product, this beard oil is made of a fragrance-free, cold-pressed blend of pure Golden Jojoba oil and unrefined Moroccan Argan oil.

Moroccan Argan oil is proven to make hair shinier, thicker and moisturized. Pure Jojoba oil softens, strengthens and offers anti-bacterial properties leaving beard hair cleaner for longer periods of time.

Whether using it for your beard or as natural moustache oil, this grooming oil does it all. Additionally, this all natural beard oil serves to gently exfoliate, maximize hair growth and deeply nourish skin.

Tame and smooth your facial hair with the oil and accompanying brush for a fully groomed look. The brush is highly durable and made for everyday use. Its bristles help spread the oil evenly through facial hair.

When it is time to trim your beard or moustache, utilize the handy beard catcher by wearing it around your neck, and attaching the ends to the mirror. When you groom using this device, you will leave no trace of your shave behind!

How to Use:

  • The best natural beard oil application is to use on a clean face.
  • Using 2-3 droplets (more or less as needed), rub between palms to warm.
  • Brush oil into beard and moustache with hands in downward motions.
  • Use your fingers to apply the oil thoroughly to any missed areas, or use the brush to disperse.

The Perfect Gift!
This kit makes an excellent gift for the bearded man in your life. Help him keep his growing facial hair tame while also providing a way to keep the counter clean during trims with an effective beard hair catcher.


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