How Do You Know When To Trim Your Beard?

Beard Grooming Kit | How Do You Know When To Trim Your Beard?

Is it time to trim your beard? There comes a time when your beard is too long, too tangled and too uncomfortable. We’re here to help you understand when to trim your beard.

Attending to your beard too frequently can lead to irritation. However, ignoring the health of your beard can also lead to disaster. It is all about finding a comfortable middle ground. It is important to develop a beard grooming routine that is good for you and your facial hair. 

Once you have decided it is time, you need to know how to trim your beard. Having a good beard requires much more than an occasional once over with a pair of clippers. 

Maintenance involves a combination of: 

  • Trimming
  • Oiling
  • Conditioning
  • Combing 

If you follow these tips, your beard will be looking fresh and stylish. 

Is it time to trim your beard? 

Your trimming schedule depends on your length and ambitions. Before you begin to start cutting hair off your chin, you should know exactly what style you desire. Take a look at some of your style and fashion celebrities with beards. Have a look at some impressive beards and ask yourself whether you want to commit to a specific look. 

Deciding on when to trim your beard for the first time is a big decision that should be informed by your style ambitions.

The health of your beard and your ability to grow your facial hair will largely dictate how you should be trimming. An easy way to improve the health of your beard before trimming begins is to keep it clean and soft. 

The best way to maintain a clean beard is to use beard shampoo or conditioner regularly. Freeing your beard of dirt is the best way to start your grooming routine. 

How to Trim a Short Beard 

  • Comb your beard out as far as possible so that none of the hair is hidden or curled away. This will ensure that when you start to shave, you will get an even cut. 
  • Then, use your trimmer to cut away errant hairs on your neck and cheeks. Once you have done this you can use the trimmer to shape up and trim along your neck and cheek lines.
  • Now, you should focus on the length of the beard. If you are going for a short beard you should gradually trim to your desired length with a guard or comb attachment. Some razors will allow you to alter the length with a zoom wheel.
  • If you wish to maintain a short beard you should aim to repeat this shaving process every other day. To some extent this is dependent on the speed of your facial hair growth. Ultimately, you should be able to know when to trim your beard just by looking in the mirror before work.

How to Trim a Long Beard

If you have a long beard, the process will be slightly different. Trimming a long beard requires a bit more preparation and craft. Presumably, you have spent some time growing your long beard. You don't want to mess it up by absentmindedly cutting a great divot into it.

  • First of all, you should take care to brush your beard. You should be careful not to over-comb and stretch it beyond its natural resting length. If you cut your long beard while wet or over-fluffed you will get an uneven trim with an awkward length. 
  • When it comes to trimming, you should aim to follow your jawline with a suitable guard attached to your shaver. You should also try and leave the front of your beard heavier and more filled out. 
  • If you have steady hands and are looking for a more professional cut you may want to try cutting your long beard with clippers. 
  • Maintenance with a trimmer need not be as frequent. However, it is still worth trimming any long hairs that poke out. 

Beard | How Do You Know When To Trim Your Beard?

Beard Trimming Styles

Your grooming routine may be dependent on the beard style and shape you have chosen. There is a lot of fun to be had experimenting with different trimming styles if you have lots of hair to spare. At some point however you will have to decide on the style for you. 

Here are some of the standard beard trimming styles to choose from when growing a beard: 

  • A Stubble beard is a popular choice that suits various types of face shapes and jawlines. The ‘3-day beard’ is stylish and relatively low maintenance. 
  • The Goatee remains a popular beard trimming style. The perfect choice for the working-man aiming for a designer look.
  • The Chin Strap can be achieved by shaving off everything but the hair along the line of the jaw and the chin. 
  • The Soul Patch is an underrated beard trimming style. It is a style popularised by American Jazz artists that involves trimming everything but a small tuft of hair below the lower lip.

There are many more styles that are worth exploring. Some styles like the Mutton Chop Look have a shape that makes it clear to know when to trim your beard. Other styles like the full beard are largely dictated by how long and scraggly you will allow your beard to become.

Bearded Tattooed Man | How Do You Know When To Trim Your Beard?

Essential Trimming Tools

There are certain tools that you cannot be without whether you are shaving your beard into a goatee or a chin strap. All these trimming tools will also help you to know when to trim your beard. 


You won't get far without a neat pair of clippers or a set of sharp razors. The average man spends 45 days of his life shaving, so it is worth investing in a good set of shavers. Unless you know exactly what you want your beard to be like for the rest of your life it is a good idea to get multi-functional clippers.

An adaptable set of razors will be the tool you need whenever you decide to trim your beard. Having multi-functional clippers also gives you more options and more room to experiment with your facial hair. 

Brushes and Combs

Alongside your razors and clippers you should have a selection of brushes and combs. Most men are guilty of letting their beards get scraggly and knotty. This will make your shaving routine a nightmare. Additionally, if you don't comb your beard it will be difficult to know when it is at a good length to be trimmed. 

It is a good idea to carry a folding beard comb that can be discreetly slid into a jacket or trouser pocket. Before trimming your beard you should thoroughly comb your facial hair with a tougher brush with thick bristles. Brushes and combs are essential grooming tools if you are planning on growing a beard that obscures your chin. 

Oils and Balms

A good beard oil can change the course of your beard grooming routine. The regular application of a beard oil can leave you looking and feeling fresh where otherwise you may have been blighted by rough hair and irritated skin. 

Oils help keep your beard moisturized and will promote the growth of a healthy beard. It will be easier to trim and shape your beard if it does not irritate the skin beneath. The warm oil will also give your beard a clean and stylish finish. 

The merits of oils and conditioners have often been debated. Ultimately, you can use both oils and conditioners to get great results. They help maintain healthy skin and strong hair follicles. They are essential grooming items that will make your shaving life easier. 

Bearded Man | How Do You Know When To Trim Your Beard?

Maintaining a Beard 

Growing a beard can sometimes be tiresome. It is important to know when your facial hair has reached a suitable and comfortable length. We have discussed some of the ways you can tell when to trim your beard. 

As well as maintaining length and volume it is important to support the health of your hair follicles and your skin. If your beard is knotty and itchy then it may be time to try something new. Thankfully, there are a number of products on the market that are designed purely to alleviate your beard troubles. 

Ultimately it is a question of personal preference. At some point you will need to make a decision. It will come down to comfort and style. Hopefully, we have given you a good idea of how to maintain and style your beard. Now it is up to you!

How do you decide that it is time for a beard trim?

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