Here Are The Best 4 Vegan Beard Products Out Today

Bearded Man | Here Are The Best 4 Vegan Beard Products Out Today

Consider this: you’ve grown a beard that you’re proud of, a beard that suits your look, a beard that your friends and family compliment, that you steal a glance at in the bathroom mirror here and there. 

It might be, however, that the care you’ve invested into growing your facial hair now feels somewhat insufficient. 

You want it to match the things you care about in the world and you wonder: 

How can I groom my beard ethically? How can I get ahold of products made by companies that share my perspective of the world? What are the best vegan beard care products out there? 

From shampoos to brushes, oils to balms, there’s plenty to consider when purchasing vegan beard grooming products. Let’s go through some of them below:

1. Vegan Beard Shampoos

Whether you’re a lumbersexual type, a hipster beard aficionado, or just an average joe with a killer beard, you need a way to wash the day’s dirt from the wiry thicket of your facial look. 

Many bearded men, however, overlook the significance of investing in a great vegan beard shampoo. They succumb to common misconceptions.

Can’t I just use my head shampoo? 

Shouldn’t water do the trick? 

Does it really collect that much dirt?

Is there a bird living in there? 

New beard growers tend to focus heavily on buying waxes, balms, and beard oils. Yet there’s no question that every bearded man first and foremost needs a vegan beard shampoo to keep their facial hair smooth, shiny, and well-nourished.

A great place to start is a premium shampoo that uses organic and natural ingredients. Simply put, it’s cleaner, healthier, and better for both your face and the environment. Consider Seven Potions, a brand that’s fast becoming a go-to beard care company. 

Seven Potions’ vegan beard shampoos are designed to restore natural oils, kill bad smells, and moisturize your face to give the scruff that defines it a silky smooth look and texture. Their shampoos include citrus tonic and woodland harmony, depending on your preferred fragrance.

Beard Shampoo | Here Are The Best 4 Vegan Beard Products Out Today

2. Vegan Beard Brushes

It should come as no surprise that a clean, well-shampooed beard needs a beard brush to add the finishing touches to your facial masterpiece and turn a smooth look into a stylish aesthetic.

If a good vegan beard shampoo retains natural oils and moisturizes your skin, a beard brush spreads them across your face and stimulates your hair follicles. Simply put, it’s essential to getting the full beard grooming job done. 

You might be wondering: What’s a vegan beard brush?

A vegan beard brush typically uses bamboo, cactus bristle, or any other plant-based alternative to the popular badger hair brushes. In addition, they’re often stylish and include a sleek wooden handle to complete the package. 

If you’re convinced (which we hope you are!) and ready to invest in a vegan beard brush, check out Mountaineer Beards for all-natural, animal cruelty-free products. The Cactus Style Military Beard Brush is just that: stylish, effective, and, most importantly, ethical.

Bearded Man Smoking | Here Are The Best 4 Vegan Beard Products Out Today

3. Vegan Beard Oils

Now we’re onto the more complicated stuff. Vegan beard oils come in a variety of ingredients and fragrances, so you’ll have to consider your needs and preferences prior to purchasing. 

Why invest in a beard oil? Firstly, because your beard and skin require the same nutrients and minerals your head hair does. Secondly, because your signature beard ought to look as good as it feels.

Indeed, a great beard is shiny, smooth, and soft. That’s why the vegan beard oils that make it just that are essential. In addition, you might want to start with a premium brand that offers a variety of products. 

Caveman Grooming Co. has plenty of intriguingly named vegan beard oils, from Island Breeze, to Hunter Black Coffee, to Deep Forest. It prides itself on using a range of vegan oils to create irresistible fragrances that enhance your beard’s look and feel. 

It might be, however, that you’re main inclination is towards a vegan beard oil that is primarily packed with nutrients. Fragrances aren’t a big deal for everyone, after all. 

Brooklyn-based The Fanciful Fox sells premium beard oils loaded with all the best natural and organic ingredients your face could want! 

In addition to softening your beard and skin with vitamin and mineral plant oils, The Fanciful Fox’s beard oils come in three different fragrances: dapper, spiffy, and rakish.

Beard Oil | Here Are The Best 4 Vegan Beard Products Out Today

4. Vegan Beard Balms

A much-needed and much-appreciated vegan beard oil calls for a worthy vegan beard balm. You’re probably thinking, why would I need a beard balm if i’ve already invested in a beard oil?

A common misconception is that the two are one and the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think of it like this: if a beard oil is the treatment, the protection, a beard balm is the thing that makes it all look seamless, that shapes your beard and thickens it into something that is both stylish and well-nourished.

Beard grooming products, however, are a tricky thing in terms of how abundant and diverse they can be. Beard balms are no exception. Some are made from synthetic, chemically ingredients that often irritate your skin and turn the joys of wearing a beard into a nuisance for your face. 

Like vegan beard oils, vegan beard balms are typically made from natural and organic oils such as coconut or jojoba oil. 

In addition, shea butter (instead of beeswax for a vegan beard balm) is used to moisturize your skin and provide the strength and hold needed to shape it in the style you want.

If you’re ready to get yourself a top-notch vegan beard balm, a great place to start is Original Beard Co. Their products use a base oil blend of argan, jojoba, sweet almond and vitamin E oils to give you the light, clean, nourishing, and fragrant look your beard deserves. 

You Should Know…

This might seem a bit overwhelming or perhaps overly comprehensive, especially if you’re new to beard grooming. We can assure you, however, that a well-rounded toiletry case of vegan beard care products will go a long way. You’ll look, feel, and smell better instantly! 

Of course, there are other products on the market to check out and you might even want to try your hand at making a homemade, DIY vegan beard balm. 

The fact remains, though, that ethical beard oils and vegan beard products from brushes to shampoos are full of exciting ingredients, styles, and varieties to discover while staying true to your environmentally-conscious principles. 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Vegan Beard Grooming Products

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