Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look

Bearded Man Smoking Tobacco | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look

Are you looking to secure that elusive lumbersexual look? You have come to the right place. We are experts in the aesthetics of the lumbersexual. 


It takes more than a scraggly beard and a liberal attitude toward aftershave to become the modern lumbersexual. 

There are several definitive traits that you have to nail in order to pull off the lumbersexual look. 

Looking rugged is more fashionable now than it ever used to be. Men’s urban style is constantly changing and the lumbersexual look seems to be one of the most recent evolutions. The lumbersexual look combines the care and attention of the metrosexual and the attitude and style of the hipster. The metrosexual has evolved and gone outside to acquire a woodland aroma. 

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There are several facets to the lumbersexual look. It is important to pay attention to your beard, your shirt and your shoes. It is all about maintaining and curating. The lumbersexual look cannot appear overnight, you need to dedicate some time to acquire the style and grace of an urban lumberjack.

Here is everything you need in order to pull off the perfect lumbersexual look.

Hair Style

If you want to know how to look like a lumbersexual lets begin with the hair. Overall a lumbersexual look relies on the prominence of your scruffy beard hair. The hair on your head is also important but the beard is where you really demonstrate your lumbersexuality. 

The lumbersexual look does not work if you are clean shaven. The minimum requirement is a few days stubble. Ideally, you will have a carefully curated beard and moustache that shows everyone that your laid back and approachable. While a long beard is often associated with a real lumberjack, the lumbersexaul look is cleaner because you are probably not going to be doing any hard labour. 

Your beard hair can be maintained with various products and techniques. It is particularly useful to apply some beard oil and conditioner to prevent your beard from becoming itchy. It is the dream of many men to grow a luxurious beard but having itchy scruff attached to your chin will quickly become tiresome. That is why it is important to maintain your beard by regularly combing and moisturizing it with beard oils and balms.  

A rugged beard that looks unkempt but is in fact clean and fresh is a great way of forming the lumbersexual look. Evidently, there is a significant amount of effort that goes into curating the modern lumbersexual look. 

Here are some of the beard products that will help you pull off the lumbersexual look in more detail: 

Natural Organic Moustache Oil / Beard Oil for Styling and Growth

The beard oil is the ideal product to incorporate in to your grooming routine. If you want to create the lumbersexual look you will have to maintain a smooth and well-moisturized beard. An all natural beard oil will help you achieve this look. 

‘The fabulous conditioning power of beard oil keeps your facial hair healthy and promotes new hair growth. By massaging the oil into your skin, hair follicles are nourished and can grow thicker, stronger hair. Oil also reduces dandruff, itch, ingrown hairs and razor burn.’

Any self-respecting lumbersexual will have their moustache and beard looking fresh. The best way to do this is to regularly treat your facial with a few drops of beard oil. 

Beard Wax | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look

All Natural Men’s Beard Moisturizer Cream

Another useful addition to your beard grooming set is a moisturizer cream. It is important that the skin beneath your beard is kept nourished and hydrated. This leave-in conditioner will make your rugged beard look clean and smell wonderful. 

Beard Brush | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look

Wooden Bamboo Beard Brush / Moustache and Beard Bristle Brush

A beard brush is another grooming accessory that will get you closer to achieving the pure lumbersexual look. There is a certain charm to a scraggly, untidy beard but that is not the ultimate goal for the lumbersexual. A beard brush can help you groom your beard in to the shape and style that you desire. 

“When you use this brush to keep your skin properly exfoliated, you will also be stimulating more hair growth. A barber quality brush of this type is designed to shape your facial hair while also spreading the natural oils of your skin evenly. This process alone will help your hair follicles greatly, but consider using our bamboo beard brush to apply your favorite beard oil for an even better result.”

The modern lumbersexual look is incomplete without a groomed beard. A beard brush will have you beard feeling healthy and looking fresh.

Beard Clippers | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look

Multifunctional Beard Clippers and Hair Clippers

The final weapon in your beard grooming arsenal is the beard and hair clippers. To maintain the lumbersexual look copious amounts of personal grooming is necessary. You should regularly trim your beard hair with clippers like these to promote the healthy growth of the hair. 

Regular trimming will also prevent your beard and moustache hair from irritating you. The lumbersexual look is all about being comfortable. If you are constantly scratching an itch beneath your chin your lumbersexual appeal won't be very impressive. When used in conjunction with the beard oils and conditioners mentioned above, these clippers will help you stay rugged and stylised. 

Bearded Man | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look


Your wardrobe is key. To pull off the modern lumbersexual look you have to combine a particular set of clothes. Your wardrobe will separate you from the standard hipster and distinguish you from other bearded individuals. 

The main two clothing requirements are a red plaid shirt and a pair of rugged jeans. You can wear a plaid shirt of any color but red is classic and instantly recognizable. Real lumberjacks wear these clothes for convenience and they are probably dirty and drenched in sweat. Your plaid shirt will be clean, and maybe your sleeves will be rolled up. The plaid shirt is the lumbersexual shirt. If you don't already have one, you need to go get one!

Armed with a variety of flannel shirts, the lumbersexual will also wear big, work boots and flaunt a pricey denim jacket. For the winter, the denim jacket may be replaced by a not-too-stylish wool jacket that serves to keep you warm and make you look like a lumberjack on holiday. 

Many lumbersexuals have also been seen sporting glasses. If you already wear glasses, that is a plus. Even if you don't need them, glasses are a common accessory of the lumbersexual look. Fake glasses are everywhere in the fashion industry and many people simply wear spectacles because they are trendy or to complete a look. It is not entirely necessary to wear glasses for the lumbersexual look but it does give you some bonus points!

Bearded Man | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look


Your lifestyle choices are up to you. As long as you are getting organic coffees at lunch and not cutting down trees you can maintain the lumbersexual look. As soon as you engage in actual lumberjack activities you cease to be a lumbersexual and graduate to full-fledged lumberjack status. 

The lumbersexual professes to be in tune with nature but spends most of his time in urban environments flitting between a boujee office space and niche tea shops. The lumbersexual is “at the same time both aggressively attached to the traditionally masculine look and completely removed from the lifestyle that it advertises.”(Baxter)

Bearded Man | Here’s Everything You Need To Pull Off The Lumbersexual Look

The Lumbersexual Look 

Now that you know what it takes it is to time put the time in on your end. Start growing out your beard, purchase another red plaid shirt to add to your collection and begin drinking organic teas

Don’t get yourself confused with a hipster or a metrosexual. If you follow the tips mentioned above you will have mastered the lumbersexual look in no time at all. 

The centre-piece of the lumbersexual look is a thick well-groomed beard. Not everyone can grow a good beard so there is a certain exclusivity to the lumbersexual look. The beard should be well maintained with balms, oils and conditioners and should be combed and trimmed to perfection. All of these elements will help you look like the prime lumbersexual. 

It is not a look that is suited to everyone. But if you can rock a good beard and plaid shirt then the lumbersexual look could be the one for you!

What is part of your daily lumbersexual routine?

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