4 Top Trending Hairstyles For Guys With Beards in 2019

Bearded Man Reading Newspaper | 4 Top Trending Hairstyles For Guys With Beards in 2019A first impression is everything.

While many might work on their conduct to achieve a successful first impression, your appearance is actually the true first impression.

With all the variables in your appearance, figuring out how to create the best version of yourself can be difficult.

This is doubly true for hair, which no one really knows what to do with. Unlike the rest of your body, hair serves no discernable purpose, other than showing off.

For men with beards, choosing the right haircut is even more difficult. This is because the presence of the beard reverberates throughout the rest of your head, which means your haircut takes on an entirely different meaning.  

In fewer words, if a beardless man and a bearded man had the same haircut, it will create an entirely different impression.

To take out the stress of finding the right haircut, here are the top 4 trending hairstyles for guys with beards in 2019.

Men’s Hairstyles with Beards: 2019 Guide

Trial and error is an effective strategy for many of life’s conundrums, but when it comes to your haircut, it’s simply not a viable option.

First of all, your hair takes its sweet time growing back, so if you go short and regret it, a redo isn’t in the cards for several weeks. Plus, you see people on a daily basis, so too much experimentation can result in a lot of bad first impressions.

In order for you to get it right out of the gate, here are the top men’s hairstyles with beards for 2019.

Slicked Back Cut | 4 Top Trending Hairstyles For Guys With Beards in 2019

  1. The Slicked Back Cut

The slicked back cut has a long and storied history of being one of the most highly respected haircuts a man can have. It tells the outside world that you like to keep it together and in order. You don’t let your hair tell you what to do; you tell it what to do, and you’re saying, “sit down and shut up.”

When combined with a beard, the slicked back cut takes on a slightly different meaning, while still retaining its professionalism. With the presence of the wild, back-to-nature subtext of the beard, the slicked back cut says that you’re a man of worlds.

Whether it’s the jungle or the asphalt jungle, you can navigate them both with ease.

In some ways, the slicked back cut with a beard is the modern equivalent of the mullet, albeit far less ridiculous.

It also bears mentioning that the slicked back cut, aside from its aesthetic appeal, is also one of the most utilitarian haircut options. You stick everything it one place and don’t have to worry about it ever again.

Shaggy Cut | 4 Top Trending Hairstyles For Guys With Beards in 2019

  1. The Shaggy Cut

There’s an undeniable, universal appeal to the shaggy cut. It represents a bohemian brand of freedom that many secretly yearn for, but can’t muster up the courage to go after.

Whether you’re cruising down the highway on a red, white, and blue motorcycle or busking in New Orleans, the shaggy cut is a middle finger to conformity and hair gel—mostly hair gel.

Unlike the slicked back cut, which alters the context of the beard, the shaggy cute exemplifies the beard. It is, in many ways, the beard of the head. If the world was suddenly rendered upside down—it could happen—nothing would be lost.

This is because the beard also subconsciously supports nonconformity and embraces naturalism. The irony is, of course, when the nonconformity of a beard becomes a fad, at which point it becomes conformist to be a conformist.

The shaggy cut will send a signal to the world that your beard is not the result of cultural influence, but the natural companion to your free-flowing haircut. Nearly all beard styles for men work well with the shaggy cut.

Bald Cut | 4 Top Trending Hairstyles For Guys With Beards in 2019

  1. The Bald Cut

The Bald Cut is, perhaps, the most controversial haircut. Some men avoid baldness at all cost, spending a fortune on hair growth products and unconvincing toupees. Other men embrace their baldness with staggering success.

Other men—braver men—will willingly shave their head to attain the bald look, despite the fact that George Constanza famously found shaving your head unacceptable.

Nonetheless, the bald look is particularly effective with a beard.

Of the many beard/haircut combinations, the bald cut is among the most distinguished. As men grow older, most will lose their hair naturally or experience considerable thinning. The beard, on the other hand, only grows stronger.

Therefore, if you’re looking to communicate wisdom or spiritualism, being bald and with beard can do so like no other style choice. Even more so than the slicked back cut, the bald cut is a hands-off approach to hairstyles. You’ll never have to worry about readjustments or gusts of wind.

And just think of all the money you’ll save on shampoo.

Sideswipe | 4 Top Trending Hairstyles For Guys With Beards in 2019

  1. The Sideswipe

This is the most casual of the beard-friendly haircuts. Despite being of low risk and low reward, the sideswipe earns points for convenience and practicality. It requires almost no upkeep, with a good swipe of your hand being perfectly suitable for most situations.

When it comes to short beards, the sideswipe gives your head a nice symmetry, especially when you allow your hair and beard to grow in conjunction. In this way, some could consider the sideswipe to be the most conducive to beard carriers.

In terms of what signal the side swipe is sending, think of it as existing between the shaggy cut and the slicked back cut. It’s a good middle ground for men who want to appear like an adult, but still want to retain some semblance of their childlike freedom.   

Another benefit of the side swipe is that it isn’t tethered to a particular length. This means that it can probably be achieved with your current haircut, which is great if you’re looking to combine your short hair with beard styles, but haven’t found the right combination.

Beard-Friendly Hairstyles for Men: 2019 Edition

Many men aren’t looking to spend any more time in their morning routine than necessary.

Every decision is meant to streamline the process, not draw it out.

With these best haircuts for men with beards, your morning routine will no longer be padded out by several minutes of staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to imagine your face under different haircuts.

  1. The Slicked Back Cut
  2. The Shaggy Cut
  3. The Bald Cut
  4. The Sideswipe

Once you have a beard, this process can be doubled in time, because haircuts take on an entirely different meaning when coupled with a beard.

But now that you know the very best hairstyles for guys with beards that nature and hairspray have to offer, all you have to do is pick one.

Your beard will thank you. It could use a friend.  

What hairstyle will you try with your beard in 2019?

Share with us in the comments below!

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