Electric Shaver vs. Blade: Which One Is Right For You?

Man Grooming Beard | Electric Shaver vs. Blade: Which One Is Right For You?

What is your shaving routine? If you are uncertain about the electric shaver vs. blade debate, you may not be getting the best shave. We all want our shave to be hassle-free but there are so many options that it can be difficult to settle on one shaving method and stick with it. Your decision will probably be influenced by the convenience and the quality of the shave. 

Shaving is important. 75% of men in the US shave their face every day. Below we are going to be exploring the electric shaver vs. blade debate. We will look at the pros and cons and the various facets of each shaving method so that you can form a considered opinion and make the right choice.

Electric Shaver

An electric shaver is a precision shaving tool that is increasingly the preferred method of shaving for men across the world. There are a wide variety of electric shavers available that range from cheap models to prestige tools. They work by rotating or oscillating a blade which is either powered by batteries or mains electricity. Many modern electric shavers now use rechargeable batteries. 

If you choose to use an electric shaver you will also have to decide between a foil or rotary-style blade. Thankfully, many modern shavers are cordless and can be left throughout the day in a cleaning and charging unit. 

Over the years the convenience of these shavers has risen, as has their ability to deliver a clean shave. It is important to consider the pros and cons of electric shavers in general.


1. Requires less precision/experience

An electric shaver is a more accessible option for a novice as it requires less caution and precision than the blade. This may be ideal for some people who just want to get the shave over and done with. You can run an electric shaver with a rotary blade over your chin without fear of cutting or causing ingrown hair (razor bumps).

2. Faster

Using an electric shaver will usually be quicker and more efficient. An extra couple minutes in the morning before work can be a valuable thing. Your electric shaver will take the hair of your chin with less effort and leave you time to complete the rest of your morning routine. You will also save time by skipping a lot of the steps that come with wet shaving such as applying shaving cream and warm water.

3. Controlling beard length

With the adjustable settings of an electric shaver you are more likely to get a consistent and controllable beard length. This is especially true if you are just trimming the length and not clean shaving. An electric razor won't give you the same close shave that a wet blade will but it can give you a great designer stubble look. 


1. Expensive

If you want a good electric shaver it is probably going to be expensive. You don't want to cut corners when it comes to shavers. A cheap electric shaver will tug instead of cut and leave you with a patchy beard and irritated skin. If you want one that lasts and provides you with a clean shave it is worth investing some serious cash. 

In the long run an electric shaver will prove to be less expensive than constantly buying new blades for a wet shave. But the upfront costs may be understandably intimidating and if you are unsure it may be difficult to spend that much money.

2. Choosing the right one

As well as being expensive there are so many electric shavers on the market that it may be difficult to distinguish a good one from a bad one without basing your decision purely on price. It may also be tricky to choose between a foil or rotary electric shaver. 

Often you will know as soon as you place the shaver on your chin whether this is the one for you. But by then it is already too late! So before committing to a hefty investment it is worth doing a thorough investigation in to the best electric shavers on the market.

3. Not a classic shave

If you are a romantic then the electric shaver may not be for you. A wet razor will provide you with a classic shave in a way that an electric shaver won't. The pleasure of removing your hair with a blade is satisfying. Switching to an electric shaver will often give you the same end result but the journey won't be the same. 

Beard Blade | Electric Shaver vs. Blade: Which One Is Right For You?


A razor blade/wet, razor/wet shave is the classic alternative to the electric shaver. Similar to the electric shavers, there are a wide variety of blades you can use for a wet shave. 

Removable-blade razors and cartridge razors are the most common blades used for wet shaving. Traditionally a good wet shave will involve lathering your face in shaving cream or soap with a shaving brush and shaving with sharp, single-bladed razor. 

Man Grooming Beard | Electric Shaver vs. Blade: Which One Is Right For You?


1. Closer shave

A blade will provide a closer shave than an electric shaver. This is true for most blades, even if they are not top-end models. A blade in a wet shave will cut closer to the skin and do more than the electric shaver to rid your chin skin of unwanted hair. 

If you want soft and supple skin then you should consider shaving with a blade.

2. Traditional

If you are looking to have that traditional shaving feel then the blade is the right option for you. The whole process of shaving with a blade is therapeutic and classy. Shaving with a blade also feels like a right of passage in a way that shaving with an electric shaver doesn't.

3. More control

Arguably, shaving with a blade also gives you more control over the process. You can cut each hair with greater precision as you can exert more influence over the blade than an electric rotary shaver.

A wet shave will also give you more control over the health of your skin. If you shave with a good lotion and cream, a blade can allow your skin to exfoliate in a way that an electric shave cannot. 


1. Patience

Wet shaving requires a greater patience than an electric shaver. It is often a slower method of shaving and you may not want to add more time to your morning routine.

It is also easier to nick a bit of skin if you are absentmindedly shaving with a blade. An electric shaver is the safer and quicker route because a blade requires more precision and patience.

2. Replacement costs

To avoid causing yourself injury, you will have to replace your blades on a regular basis. After a while the replacement costs for wet shaving can pile up and become a bit of a financial nuisance. It is important to find a good brand that is affordable and reliable.

If your blade begins to tug and not cut your hair it is time to make a change.

3. Extras

Using a blade will require the use of extra items, lotions, creams, soaps and handles. You will not have to deal with as much of these additional products if you use an electric shaver.

4. Shaving Rash

Shaving with a blade can lead to an uncomfortable shaving rash. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid a shaving rash especially if you have bad shaving technique or poor quality razor blades. Unless your electric shaver is awful, you will not get a rash shaving this way. 

Man Grooming Beard | Electric Shaver vs. Blade: Which One Is Right For You?

The Best Shave For Your Beard 

Now that we have discussed the differences, and the pros and cons of each it is time for you to make a decision. Your choice may be determined by how much time you have to shave before work or it may be based on the quality of the shave. Regardless of your choice the electric shaver vs. razor debate will continue to go on because there are fundamental differences between the two methods. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of options within the two brackets to ensure that you get a good shave either way. Along with considering the electric shaver vs. wet shave, a good shave is also dependent on the after-care. Choosing the right lotion, balm or conditioner will also be integral to the health of your skin and hair. If you are growing a beard these items will also be important to help maintain hair that smells and feels good. 

Overall, you should look to get a good shaving product that suits your routine, hair and skin. Nobody wants irritation or an unclean finish. Hopefully, this blog has given you an indication of which route you want to follow.

What is your preferred shaving method?

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