4 Male Celebrities With Beards That Have A Signature Look

George Clooney | 4 Male Celebrities With Beards That Have A Signature Look

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A great celebrity beard style can make the difference, complete the look, and change the face (literally) of a great star or icon. From the humble mustache, to the subtle stubble, to the long and scraggly lumbersexual look, trends everywhere have been shaped and reshaped by facial hair.

1) How are today’s celebrities wearing their signature beards?

Firstly, beards are for everyone. No, we don’t mean everyone should grow one—but whether you’re young or old, preppy or a hipster, a workaholic (with some exceptions) or a stay-at-home kind of person, nothing should deter you from letting your facial hair grow some extra layers.

Today’s celebrities are proof that great beards come in all shapes and styles, and the one-beard-fits-all mentality of yesterday is dead and gone. Just think Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Jason Momoa, and Idris Elba. Chances are you’ve already conjured up an image or memory of not one but many famous beard styles from scruff to scraggly to carefully trimmed and oiled.

Let’s go through a few to lockdown our sense of what makes a signature celebrity beard style.

2) Short Celebrity Beards

When we say there’s no one-size-fits-all trend when it comes to facial hair, we’re not just saying that. Famous beards can be short, medium length, or long and scraggly. Consider the trademark Ryan Gosling beard.

Ryan Gosling | 4 Male Celebrities With Beards That Have A Signature Look

Source: The Clyde Fitch Report

The La La Land, Crazy Stupid Love, and The Notebook star is as well known for his boy-next-door roles as his is for the short well-groomed beard he wears from the set to the red carpet. Alternating between short, medium, and classy groom, Gosling’s signature celebrity beard is infamous for how neat and shiny it appears.

What’s the secret? Well, shorter beards often require a high-quality beard oil and beard balm to keep things soft and tidy. They also demand constant care and an alert eye for that moment when it grows a tad too long and requires some immediate trimming.

3) Medium Celebrity Beards

Jake Gyllenhaal | 4 Male Celebrities With Beards That Have A Signature Look

Source: GQ

You’ve probably thought of a few already: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Christian Bale.

What can we say about a beard that grows somewhere between short stubble and lumberjack? Well, the trick is there is no trick. Medium length beards are wide in range and style.

A medium length beard, however, requires a precise sense of proportion to pull off an iconic celebrity beard style. For example, celebrities with short hair often opt for a stubbly, short-beard look like Colin Farrell at different times in his career. Makes sense, right?

If your hair is longish and sways left or right or backwards—a medium length beard might suit you better. Take Jake Gyllenhaal with that shiny, lightweight look to his beard and the hair on his head. It’s a perfect combo and evidence that a great beard requires thought and care.

4) The Long Beard

When you think of the best celebrity beards of 2019 your mind might not take you, at first, to a long wiry beard that grows in many directions and reminds more than one or two people of overgrown brush. But long beards on people famous or not are equally popular.

From Joaquin Phoenix to Zach Galifianakis, long beards have had their place in history and the spotlight. They’re pronounced, present, prominent. They require careful grooming or none—depending on what you’re going for. So, what makes a celebrity’s long beard a signature look?

In some sense, a famous celebrity beard is at its strongest when a lot of care looks “careless.”

Phoenix’s signature shaggy beard gives him the nonchalant, laid-back air of a star. Though they demand constant trimming and grooming—long beards tell stories about the celebrities that wear them.     

Am I too old for a signature celebrity beard?

Never. Bearded actors over 50 are common and their facial hair, just as prominent.  Think of Jeff Bridges. From playing “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski to a lawman in True Grit, Bridges’ famous beard seems to have been with him every step of the way through his career.

Jeff Bridges | 4 Male Celebrities With Beards That Have A Signature Look

Source: Heightline

Grey, white, salt-and-pepper beards are not to be discarded or discouraged. They treat their owners to a wise, all-knowing vibe and a maturity that can’t be mimicked. Celebrities over the age of 50 are also predisposed to growing beards as a thing of pride. It says, “I’ve earned and worked for this look so you better take me serious!”

But does a beard on an older person make you look older?

Not in the slightest, why would it? From Brad Pitt to Antonio Banderas, the middle-aged beard has given them yet another signature look in a career of many. Beards add layers and texture to an iconic face. Even men in their 50s, however, need to know how to groom their beards.

Are there young celebrities with beards?

Though beards grow with age and time is the only recipe for facial hair, young celebrities with beards are just as much a part of the trend. Justin Bieber may be synonymous with a baby face, but he too has felt the allure of a little extra facial weight!

Yes, young celebrities with beards are prone to fluff or fuzz or a light stubble when their beards have yet to fully grow. However, that should not stop anyone from carrying that thin and light look with a ton of pride. Justin Timberlake (another clean-cut icon of the young celebrity population) boasts a well-groomed beard trimmed close to his skin that only makes his look more elegant.

What’s next for the world of famous beards?

The exciting thing is, your guess is as good as ours. Beard styles have changed dramatically over the centuries. From mutton chops to lumberjack beards, old ruggedness to the slim stubble, trends have come and gone and left a lasting change on the way we groom our beards.

Celebrities with beards are no exception. Beards will change and new styles will develop but if one thing’s certain the signature beard on a celebrity or an everyday person will never truly disappear!

What do you think is next for the best celebrity and non-celebrity beards in 2019?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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