Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Oil: What’s The Difference?

Bearded Man | Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Oil: What’s The Difference?

Is your beard feeling rough? Maybe you need to revamp your grooming program. If you want your beard to stay healthy and look luscious, there are some big decisions to be made. Beard conditioner or beard oil?

Before you go slathering either one all over your chin, it is important to know how they are different. It is a common mistake to confuse the two and think they do the same thing. They make your beard look and feel better but in slightly different ways.

Admittedly, beard conditioner and beard oil do share some similarities and it is easy for the layman to get them confused. Fear not. Below are a few key pointers to help you decide if you want to use a beard conditioner, a beard oil or both!

Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner is a wash-out moisturizing solution to help your beard lock in moisture and stay healthy. It prevents your facial hair from becoming dry and uncomfortable. The conditioner is designed to be thoroughly rubbed through the beard to moisture and nurture every strand of hair.

You can also have leave-in conditioner that functions similarly to balms and oils and makes your beard shine.

Even though the solution is simple, itchiness and irritation are common in bearded men. A good beard conditioner will attack beard dandruff and irritation with a combination of vitamins and nutrients.

Wash-out beard conditioner is also a great alternative if you prefer not to dabble in leave-in products like beard oil. If you want to maintain a worthy beard it is definitely worth experimenting with a couple of good beard conditioners and seeing whether your beard improves.

How to Use Beard Conditioner

  1.     Wash and cleanse your beard with shampoo.
  2.     Properly rinse your beard.
  3.     Put a small amount of conditioner in your hands and rub it evenly between your palms.
  4.     Thoroughly apply the conditioner to your beard and the skin beneath.
  5.     Leave the conditioner in for a couple of minutes before rinsing completely with warm water.

Bearded Man Laughing | Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Oil: What’s The Difference?

Should I Use Beard Conditioner?

There are several reasons to begin incorporating beard conditioner in to your overall grooming program. Here is a list that will help you know whether you are a candidate for conditioner.

You should use beard conditioner if:

  •       Your skin is dry, uncomfortable and itchy
  •       You have annoying beard dandruff
  •       You have a tangled beard
  •       You are not partial to leave-in products like beard oil or balm
  •       You want to keep your skin and hair moisturized

Highly Rated Beard Conditioner Products

This combination of shampoo and conditioner provides a deep and nutritious beard cleanse.

A tried and tested beard conditioner that helps promote a soft, thick and flowing beard.

A refreshing beard conditioner containing natural ingredients to soften dry and bristly beards.

Any of the above products should leave your beard softer, detangled, hydrated and without itchiness. There are several great products out there, so it is worth experimenting with a few to find the best beard conditioner for you!

Bearded Man Wearing Bonette | Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Oil: What’s The Difference?

Beard Oil

A great beard oil can be the difference between being a well-groomed beardsman or just a guy with a scraggly beard. To elevate your beard game, you should know what goes into making a high-quality beard oil.

A beard oil usually consists of a mixture of carrier and essential oils that have been put together to make your beard look and feel healthy. Some high-end products will also include Vitamin E which maximizes the ability of the oil to help your beard hair and soothe the skin underneath.

There are three significant benefits of using Beard Oil:

  1.     Moisturizes the beard
  2.     Leaves it smelling and looking great
  3.     Promotes growth

Beard grooming has never been easier. There are a great range of beard and moustache oils that have been designed to make your beard look, smell and feel better.

Beard oil is great for styling too. You can easily shape and style your facial hair. When beard oil is massaged into to warm hair it will widen your styling capabilities and give you a clean and slick finish.

Recommended Beard Grooming Products

If you are looking to get great beard results, then a natural organic beard oil is a good start. Here is a list of some of the best options for your beard:

The blend of all-natural oils is perfect for styling and refreshing your beard.

A classic mixture of 10 expertly selected premium oils will help your beard and skin feel and look healthy.

A luxurious fast absorbing beard oil to keep your beard hydrated and in top condition.

Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Oil?

Which one should you use?

If you are looking for a quick and easy fix it might be best to go with the beard oil. Beard conditioner often needs to be washed out. Whereas, beard oil can be applied before you go out and left in so you can trust that it will have your beard hair looking fresh and silky.

Beard oil is also a gentler solution for the skin than conditioner, but they can both be used to great effect. The differences aren’t dramatic.

Incorporating a good beard conditioner or a good beard oil into your grooming program should leave your beard feeling silky smooth and healthy. The conditioner may have an advantage over the oil because it repairs hair texture and leaves it thoroughly moisturized, but the oil can also soothe your skin and leave your hair looking shiny.

Ultimately whether you use beard oil or conditioner becomes a matter of personal preference. Once you find a good product that works for you, whether it is an oil or a conditioner, it is best to stick with it. Your beard goals will define your preferences.

A Properly Groomed Gentleman

Hopefully the above pointers will help you decide whether you need to use a beard conditioner or a beard oil. Now that you know how to use beard conditioner and beard oil you can begin to establish a good grooming routine.

You should also make sure that you are properly grooming your beard with the right tools to ensure your oil and conditioner work doesn’t go to waste.

As well as using regular oils and conditioner you could also experiment with your own homemade beard conditioner. If store bought products aren’t satisfying your beardy needs, it is fun to try-out some of your own solutions.

There are a host of beard care products for men but there are only a few outstanding ones. If you want your beard looking and smelling fresh, then you should have a look at the products mentioned above.

Your beard deserves to feel fresh and healthy so don’t settle for anything less than great!

Tell us about your favourite product. Is it a beard oil, conditioner, balm or a beard shampoo?

Share with us in the comments below!

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