What Are the Best Beard Care Products for Men?

Beard Oil | What Are the Best Beard Care Products for Men?

How you got from clean shaven (or just a bit of stubble) to growing a full beard might be a complete mystery to you. Maybe you wanted to switch up your look? Maybe you saw your friends’ magnificent facial hair and felt a touch of beard envy? Or maybe sheer laziness has led to something wonderful?

Whatever your reasons, you’ve joined the increasing number of men making a bold and personalized fashion statement with their facial hair. But what next? Now that your beard is growing it’s becoming increasingly clear that your new friend needs real grooming and maintenance.

Whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned beard-pro, the volume of products out there can be nothing short of daunting. Here at Mountain Beards, we want to cut through the complexities and tell you about some of the best beard care products for men, regardless of where you are on your beard journey.

Beard Oil, Your New Best Buddy

We’ll touch on the whole beard oil vs. beard balm debate a little further on, but first, if you’re new to beards, then a good beard oil is going to be a must-have product.

We firmly believe in the use of beard oil as a vital product for beard growth, which is so important if you’re just starting out with your new beard. Beard oils, with the right ingredients, will help create the optimal conditions to promote beard growth and set you on the right course for long-term beard health.

In terms of the other amazing benefits of beard oil for grooming, it will soften the beard and moisturize the skin underneath – so vital in the early stages of growth when things can become dry and itchy.

Let’s Talk Best Beard Care Brands

We already know there are heaps of brands out there, but for us, Natural Organic Mustache & Beard Oil should be a staple beard grooming product in any bathroom cabinet.

Developed by Hong Kong-based Lanthome that specialize in beard products, this beard oil will give a smooth and clean finish for styling. It nourishes hair follicles to promote growth, as well as helping to reduce soreness, dryness and itchy skin.

As the name suggests it isn’t just for your beard. It can be used to achieve the same results for your mustache, sideburns or goatee. This versatile beard grooming product can also be applied with a beard comb, to speed up your morning routine by allowing you to moisturize and style your beard at the same time.

Bearded Man | What Are the Best Beard Care Products for Men?

What About Beard Conditioner Balm?

By now you might be asking yourself this question and wondering how beard conditioner balm fits into your new grooming regime.

In truth, both types of beard grooming products will do wonders for the condition of your beard, but there are a few very simple things to consider.

Beard oil absorbs faster and can be ideal for a shorter beard, particularly one in its infancy, when there is more likelihood for itching, soreness and dandruff.

Beard balms tend to be thicker in their consistency, but give your beard a beautiful shine, and are sometimes preferred by those sporting the longer-bearded look.

Above all, it’s important to find a product that works for you and your individual skin type, your unique beard and the grooming finish you want to achieve.

Beard Balm Conditioner Options

We hold Organic Beard Balm Conditioner as a staff favorite. This versatile beard conditioner is vegan-friendly, and its paraben-free formula is ideal for sensitive skin.

Made by Mabox, whose mission statement advocates a superior product made from natural ingredients, this beard conditioner is specifically formulated to combat that dull, itchy sensation by delivering moisture deep into the hair root.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of beard conditioning balm, you can expect to see a fluffy and noticeably softer beard. This won’t only help with that dry itchiness, but also preventing knotting and tangling – a key for any of you out there going for the long-beard lumbersexual look.

For those really wanting to take care of the skin under their beard, All Natural Men’s Beard Moisturizer Cream from BlueZoo is a perfect choice to tame your beard and supercharge your skin. This beard conditioner also comes in three distinct scents; sweet orange, eucalyptus and sandalwood – not only will your beard look amazing, but you’ll smell great all day too.

The key to properly using any beard conditioner is remembering less is more. Rub a ‘dime-sized’ amount between your hands to gently warm the balm. Then starting from your neck, work up, slowly applying the balm by running your fingers through your beard – not forgetting to massage the balm into your skin to achieve the best results.

Bearded Man Holding an Axe | What Are the Best Beard Care Products for Men?

Is There Anything Else You Need to Groom Your Beard?

In short, the answer is yes.

It shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked that your beard is hair. Just like the hair on your head, or the hair you used to have for those guys rocking the bald look with their beard, your beard needs brushing and combing to keep it in tiptop condition.

Our Wooden Bamboo Beard Brush is ideal for grooming, brushing, cleaning, smoothing and straightening your beard. Its barbershop quality is perfect for all beard types and can tackle even the thickest of beards. The brush will also help to massage your skin, providing gentle exfoliation and reducing that dreaded itchy beard feeling.

For something more compact and on the go, our Bamboo Wooden Beard Comb is the perfect companion for your busy life. Its two-sided design, with both wide teeth and fine teeth, allows you to quickly tidy your beard, sideburns, mustache and even hair – ensuring that a messy beard won’t slow down your busy day.

Beard Care Products | What Are the Best Beard Care Products for Men?

Keeping Your New Routine Quick, Simple and Straightforward

We want you to love your beard, rather than seeing it as another unnecessary chore in your already busy mornings. By recommending some of the best beard care products out there, we believe your daily beard regime will compliment and fit in with what you are already doing.

The right beard oil will keep your beard looking smooth and healthy, whilst ensuring dry itchiness doesn’t distract your day. Using a beard conditioner will not only help with straightening your beard, but also ensure your skin is healthy and moisturized. Choosing a styling comb will let you shape your beard with ease in the morning, but also make sure you’re prepared and ready for any quick touch-ups to your look throughout the day.

Like anything in life, you get back what you put in. With a little effort and help from some of the best beard care products, you can grow and maintain a first-class beard to be proud of.

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