Why An Affordable Beard Trimmer Will Get The Job Done

Beard Trimmer | Why An Affordable Beard Trimmer Will Get The Job Done

Growing a beard is not without its lifestyle changing commitments. Looking good is hard work, that much is clear, and an effective beard trimmer is certainly part of that equation. 

In fact, new beardsmen everywhere need a solid beard grooming kit that includes:

  • Beard oil
  • Beard balm
  • Shampoo
  • Beard brush

You’re probably thinking, isn’t a high quality beard trimmer unreasonably expensive? How much should I budget, two or three hundred dollars? What if it breaks down? What now? 

These are all valid questions and concerns. Investing in beard grooming products is not without its considerations. That’s why we’re here to help you along and enable you to make the right decisions at the right price points for the best looking beard possible.

Man Trimming Beard | Why An Affordable Beard Trimmer Will Get The Job Done

1. The Kemei Trimmer

Guess what? You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot in return, nor should you ever feel like you need to. An affordable beard trimmer is more than sufficient to keeping that clean and neat facial look between barber visits, before a big event, or while looking your best on a trip somewhere.

The Kemei 2-in-1 Men’s Beard trimmer is the perfect beard trimmer for long beards and stubble.

It’s simple, easy to use, compact, and, most importantly, leaves you looking smooth and dapper. Let’s go through the fundamentals of what the Kemei trimmer offers.

It comes with: 

  • One electric hair trimmer
  • One straight attachment (beard trimmer, eyebrow groomer, neck hair remover)
  • One circular attachment (nose hair trimmer)

It can be used as a:

  • Eyebrow groomer
  • Beard trimmer
  • Nose hair trimmer
  • Neck hair remover
  • Ear hair clipper

It should come as no surprise, though, that an affordable multifunctional trimmer can nonetheless appeal to that or this beardsman for a very specific reason. Maybe you’re looking for something stylish or simple, maybe the thing that really spurs your interest is size and lightness.

2. Compact Size

An aspect we love about the Kemei is its size. Beard grooming products are sometimes large and bulky and the regular, hipster, and lumbersexual beard types of the world are all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of stuffing a fat beard trimmer in an already overpacked suitcase.

The Kemei is a mini clipper that fits snuggly in any shaving kit. In addition, it lends its compact size, in part, to its cordless and battery operated design. What does that mean for your beard? Firstly, that it’s easy to travel with and that you can store it comfortably in any travel case. 

In addition, it makes keeping your beard trimmer near and dear to you at all times incredibly easy. After all, beard grooming products for men aren’t always easy to carry, but the Kemei makes it so.

Bearded Man | Why An Affordable Beard Trimmer Will Get The Job Done

3. Simplicity is Key

Sometimes all you want is a beard grooming product that doesn’t take a lot of work to use. It’s not rocket science, after all, and no beardsman wants to bother with instruction manuals and cords, or a panel with too many buttons, like a remote control. Simplicity is key.

The Kemei is just that, simple, easy-to-use, it does the trick and refrains from complicating where it shouldn’t. For one, it’s an incredibly easy to handle beard trimmer, thanks to its small size and slick exterior. 

What could be more important than gripping your beard trimmer comfortably when you’re touching up your facial hair? The Kemei’s simple functions require not much more than a light press so you can focus on what really matters, trimming your beard hair!

4. Multi-functional

Of course, styles and preferences are vast, and beard grooming products are at their most sophisticated when they meet a multitude of beard trimming needs. How does that fare for the average consumer when investing in an affordable beard trimmer? 

A great beard trimmer cuts cost but not quality for all types of beardsmen. 

If you’re boasting a lumbersexual look, a light touch up is probably all you need. If a clean but noticeable stubble is your thing, you’ll want a good neck and nose hair trimmer. If a medium length beard is more to your taste, you’ll want a comfortable handle and grip for precision.  

The Kemei comes with three pieces (one electric hair trimmer, one straight attachment, one circular attachment) to fulfill those necessary requirements. It’s exceedingly easy to work around those hairy edges, whatever your style and length preferences may be.

5. Affordable

Just to reiterate: you don’t have to spend a lot to look good. Growing a beard should never be a strain on your bank account. More importantly, though, investing in an affordable beard trimmer like the Kemei is not without its perks. 

Not only do you go home with a top-notch product that takes care of those awkwardly hairy, overgrown patches, those lanky nose hairs that have grown a tad too long, that stubble that has turned a shade too thick, but it also frees up your wallet for other beard grooming products. 

Beard care products for men are becoming increasingly plentiful. There’s a lot to choose from, and you’ll have to consult your preference for fragrances, vitamins and minerals, textures and strengths.

From beard balms and beard oils to brushes and combs, your grooming kit needs to be complete with the products and tools your beard needs to assume the look you want, and purchasing an affordable beard trimmer will only serve to make it all that much easier. 

Bearded Man Having Coffee | Why An Affordable Beard Trimmer Will Get The Job Done

Anything else I should know about beard trimmers? 

Yes. An affordable yet high quality beard trimmer like the Kemei will go a long way. However, it is nonetheless at its best, naturally, when in the capable hands of a beard grooming pro.

As a favor to yourself and your beard, whether long, medium, short, or stubble, you might want to indulge in a few tips and suggestions before trimming away. 

After all, beard trimming is not without its techniques and best practices. Check out Philips’ guide on how to trim a beard. It covers the basics from touching up to shaping. 

Or take a look at Birchbox’s guide on trimming for the long beardsman out there. It’ll give you the step-by-step of maintaining facial hair with some weight and depth. 

What are you looking for in an affordable beard trimmer?

Tell us in the comments below!


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